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Talks curation: Wilderness and Shambala Festival

Earthly's Sophie Chatz has been curating talks programmes for festivals and events since 2017. It's a lovely way of showcasing some of the brilliant organisations and individuals we work with.


Sophie headed up the debates and talks curation for Wilderness 2021 across three tents, The Forum, Books Tent and Togetherness - bringing in all the biggest thinkers and agitators, with a healthy dose of irreverence. Absolute highlights this year included Simon Amstell, Kate Raworth, The New Conspiracist Podcast ft. Dane Baptiste, Hassan Akkad, Laura Brand and of course Philip Pullman in conversation with John Lloyd.

Photography by Andrew Whitton, Andrew Hughes and Jenna Foxton - Fanatic Live

Andrew Hughes - WILDERNESS_2021_FANATIC_AH2_4672.jpg
Andrew Whitton - WILDERNESS_2021_8818.jpg
Andrew Whitton - WILDERNESS_2021_8825.jpg
Andrew Whitton - WILDERNESS_2021_0081.jpg
Andrew Hughes - WILDERNESS_2021_FANATIC_AH2_4663.jpg
Andrew Whitton - WILDERNESS_2021_8748.jpg
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