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PODCAST: Kate Raworth on the Power of the Donut

One of the things we’ve always tried to do is hunt out inspiration and to bring hope when our planetary forecast is looking gloomy.

This podcast with Kate Raworth might sound heavy but it’s not - Kate talks with energy and simplicity and humour and she’s brilliant. Everyone is a household economist.

It illustrates systemic change that could reshape our future and it’s already working in forward-thinking cities across the world.

This talk was recorded at Wilderness Festival 2021 and hosted by Matthew Taylor, former Chief Executive of the RSA as part of a three-venue talks programme curated by Earthly's Sophie Chatz & Ben Devere in collaboration with The RSA among others.

Kate is a hero of ours and on a personal level it was a dream to host her talk. I (Sophie) was heavily pregnant at the time and all my speakers were very patient with me as I waddled between venues. Kate is such a brilliant speaker and, as you'll hear, this talk was electrifying.

We hope (and know) that Kate Raworth’s ideas will continue to inspire decision-makers, government and public services workers, and everyone else - on a household, street or city level - to take inspiration from the donut model.



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